About Us

About DNCalc.com
DNCalc is a website value calculator that lets you quickly calculate the estimated worth of your website and build downloadable SEO reports. Just enter the domain name and a report will be generated immediately. You can then download the PDF and make use of this information in whatever way you want once you have signed up for an account.

DNCalc was founded in 2016. It is a competitive source to calculate the worth of your website as well as that of your competitors website so that you can bring improvements to your own website. Get all the insights about how many visitors land on your website, view it and how much revenue it should be generating and where it is ranked among the search engines and other websites. With all this information, you can work on the optimization of your website and make it even better than your competitors.

With DNCalc, our mission is to provide you a test and comparison tool that lets you keep track of the progress of your website. It is not difficult to improve your blog, website or online business. DNCalc is here to help you. The PDF reports that will be generated will let you keep track of the progress of your website and you will know exactly where to put efforts and where not. In this way, you will make use of the right resources to make the right improvements to your website. As we are using the public ranking system, the results are just estimations, they are not 100% accurate. However, the results will surely keep you updated with the progress of your website.